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About Us

About Us


Welcome to our nursery

Let's get acquainted ! Our names are Svetlana and Yuri , we are the owners of the kennel cats Maine Coon PerfectLand*ru . Nursery is registered on the system ASSOLUX. Our Maine Coon cattery located in the city of Rostov-on- Don.
One day we decided to have a pedigree cat. Wanted to take the first britanchika or plaid as these breeds a large range of colors , but seeing Kuna realized that not to take the Maine Coon is impossible. Since some time has passed , and we have the Vita (Evita Angel Savage), granddaughter of giants ITS * WILDCAT KEN KOON * UR and BOCMAN BAJUNCAT. Entering the house she hid as do most of the cats at the new location , and slowly beating the possession of settled back on the couch . So a new member of the family.
Someone has rightly said that Coons does not happen much , so the appearance of the Vita was only the beginning of our " kunomanii ." We are very grateful to Violetta Shumskikh for our first cat , without which it would not have this site !
Welcome to its pages , we will be happy to answer your questions.

The aim of the breeding program of the nursery is to get healthy , purebred Maine Coon , fully meet the standards of the breed , with this coon character.
All our animals are fed only forage premium .
The animals are regularly held the annual vaccination against viral diseases , the treatment of ecto and endo .
All the cats in front of a viscous pass tests for latent infection and sex , unnecessarily healthy kittens can be born only from healthy parents.
Kittens from our cattery given to new owners only fully vaccinated import vaccines from the major cat diseases.
Kittens into new homes fall no earlier than 3 months of age.
Kittens perezzhali into a new house with social adaptation veterinary passport and documents about the origin .
We conduct detailed nutritional counseling and content of the animal, giving a memo about how to prepare for the arrival of a kitten, what to buy, answer any questions by phone , write to the internet , receive a photo of the younger kittens and rejoice with you.

If you decide to buy a Maine coon kitten , write and ask , communicate !