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About the breed Maine Coon

Americans , calling the Maine Coon breed of their national pride and a symbol of America , is still inclined to believe that the cats coming to the Americas , clashed with North American lynx , in favor of the version are known to all tassels on the ears or even a raccoon , coon in translation means " coon " and the coat color resembles the color of raccoon fur . Thus was born the name of these magnificent animals .
Menacing appearance, and the large size of scaring people for the first time confronted with this breed , alertness , and sometimes fear. However, in reality it is a very affectionate and trusting cat who gets along great with kids and under no circumstances will float its powerful claws and teeth of impressive .
Coons little meow , and emit a pleasant cooing sounds , rumbling , gukane .
There is only one major drawback of breed, a coon is never enough !
And once having lodged at home one cat , you soon will search for a second !

Types of Maine Coon

Now, with the same standard , there are two main types of Maine Coons : American and European . Of course, all the Maine Coons are the origins of America. However, the development of the breed in Europe today is very different from the American .
American type - most are a classic version of the breed . They are large, big-boned , stocky , with a strong and muscular.
In " Americans " a round, massive head , round eyes , small ears . Shorter snout with a curved profile and a great coat.
European type - are the outstanding representatives of the modern breed type . They are more extreme. Long and tall body , long tail. Mug is the "European Kuna " a bit stretched and has developed a pretty good box , " smoothed profile ." More slanted and deep- set eyes with a "wild" look. Tall big ears , having long brush (which is visible from the birth of kittens ) .